Vol. 9 Pearls and Paua

Pearls and Paua, a beautiful combination.

A new set of jewelry with Pearls and Paua shell, why you may ask?

Did you actually know Paua shell / abalone have pearls in them? On one side they are flat, this is the side they stick on the shell.

Divers harvest the shells and take pearls out and most times don’t even use the shell. 

Even though I cannot get my hands on Paua shell pearls (and they cost a fortune) I thought the combination with freshwater pearls are very beautiful as well. Although freshwater pearls are the most commonly produced pearl, their unique shapes and wide range of colors combined with their attractive prices and charming character, they make a beautiful bead to work with. It also suits very well with Paua shell combined because they both have a beautiful shine to them.

And It makes a lovely jewelry piece to combine the two factors, that’s for sure.

Some pieces just have pearls on them, because I didn’t think it would suit in a specific piece.

All of the jewelry pieces in my etsy shop are handmade by me. And the beads carefully chosen to make unique and one of a kind jewellery pieces.

I have called this serie of jewelry Akaroa, since I have been there and I thought it was a magical place. In Akaroa also have a shop with paua shell pearl jewelry. Which truly inspired me and this serie of jewelry pieces. 

I hope you like my journey of making and creating jewelry! I have tons of fun whilst being creative. Cheers Rachel

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