Vol. 5, A new Decade

It is now 2020 a new decade has began. And I must say a lot has happened!  Yes on a personal note but also when it comes to my Etsy Shop!

As you may have noticed I have started a new line of jewelry with Stainless Steel.

Stainless steel is such a good product which stays good for a long amount (note that you do take care of your jewelry) of time and plus points when it comes to maintenance because there is none! And another thing is of course Stainless Steel is a lot cheaper then Silver.

I will still be keeping silver products to a degree, but when it comes to silver you do have to clean/polish the jewelry. On the plus side you can keep your silver jewellery for decades to come. Also just for your information the silver items I buy are 925 sterling silver. 

Like I said I will keep both silver and stainless steel in my shop just because there are people out there that prefer the one or the other!

As always I will be updating my shop where I can, taking photo’s, writing listings, doing markets and what ever my heart feels like at that point in time. In the mean time,

Take Care   -Rachel

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