Vol. 3, New Listings on Etsy!

Lovely people, I’m so proud to say that I have added Listings to my Etsy shop! It takes some time, but then again you have to pick the fruit while it is ripe right?

And this Kiwi is fresh! Be sure to follow my adventure on Instagram as well, I have been adding some photo’s there and will be continuing to do so! I have some exciting things coming up that you don’t want to miss.

Oh, and bare with me because I’m such a newbie in the whole Etsy store ‘game’ so if any of you have tips or anything at all.. I would love to hear from you!

You can send me a DM via Instagram @akiwicreates and be sure to check out my shop!

Stay Creative, Cheers Rachel

1 thought on “Vol. 3, New Listings on Etsy!

  1. I don’t typically comment on posts, but as a long time reader I thought I’d
    drop in and wish you all the best during these troubling times.

    From all of us at Royal CBD, I hope you stay well with the COVID19 pandemic progressing at an alarming rate.

    Justin Hamilton
    Royal CBD

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