Vol. 2, A kiwi creates

A kiwi creates, that is me (Rachel) of course! But Why did I actually create this website?

I wanted to create a website where my Etsy Shop would sort of explain itself, does that make sense?

Because yes a Etsy shop in it self is great, but getting to know the story behind the products or person who made them, is in my point view just as important. A product with a story, if you will.

The name that I gave this website a kiwi creates basically boils down to me. A kiwi born in New Zealand, creating and making things that represent my story! And gosh what a life I have. I’m very grateful to be creating all of the things I can!

The products I will be selling are not online yet, since I am still working on this website and making content, pictures etc. for it! So just hold those horses and bare with me, because I want to make this thing great!

Next on the list is making lovely photo’s of my creations and filling in that instagram! Because it is totally empty at the moment. Have a lovely day, evening, where ever you may be!

Cheers, Rachel

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