VOL. 16 New Year, New Kiwi

Hi Lovelies, I have a lot planned for A Kiwi Creates in the New Year. So I’m looking forward to a great year! Some new listings are coming up and I am working on more jewelery sets. Because they set the tone alright. How fun is it to gift someone a full set of jewelery that compliments each other so well. So more jewelery sets to come.

In other news , did you know I have a second website as well? That why it’s been a little bit quiet on this side since I have totally renewed my website www.rachelschat.nl And you must think what has that to do with A kiwi creates? Well I am thinking of combining the two on Etsy. rachelschat.nl is all about artwork. And so I’m thinking of selling artworks on a small section of my Etsy page. Just to make things a little bit easier. So I don’t have to open a second etsy shop and people can ask for commissioned work over there as well! 

So that’s the big news for now. Keep your eyes peeled for more listings and other stuff.

Take care – Rachel