Vol. 14 About Paua Shell

crystal leaning on an abalone shell
Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

A kiwi creates jewelry line is pretty much based around Paua shell and my story behind it. 

(The kiwi behind the jewellery line) 

Paua Shell originally comes from the ocean and can be found along the shores (in some spots) of New Zealand as well as some other countries. For example in Japan it is a delicacy to eat the snail that lives within the shell. In New Zealand the shell is used for jewellery/beads as well as the flat pearl inside it. What they do is basically carve the rough outsides off of the shell and the colourful inside remains. Which they make beads from and which I (of course) make the jewellery with. The whole thing does not go to waste at all. 

It is quite a special creature, a gift from the ocean. Since the colours inside are created by a chemical reaction in the sea. It has to do with the temperature inside the shell and the snail. 

New Zealand has a couple rules and regulations about how many your aloud to take home with you etc. So if you happen to find some along the shore then make sure you know what to do and what not. 

For now as always take care


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