Vol. 11 Behind the Kiwi

I thought It would be good to tell you a bit more about how I started, A kiwi creates.

A Kiwi Creates is actually due to my work. I have learned so many techniques over the past few years on how to make all kinds of jewelry, that I wanted to make my own line. So I actually began with making all different kinds of jewelry with different kinds of beads, materials and things. But It didn’t really have a story behind it. It had no meaning, It was just jewelry.

Then I thought about my roots, New Zealand. And the material I love most from New Zealand is Paua shell (because of the patterns and beautiful colors). I started off with macrame bracelets and from there on out began to make more jewelry like rings and necklaces. As to this day I still love making my own jewelry line and always keep learning when it comes to other techniques or materials. As I have made several jewelry pieces with resin and I am developing more designs with pearls.

The name comes from, of course the kiwi bird. As are people that are born in New Zealand, like me are also called kiwi’s.  And not to forget the fruit, all from New Zealand. Hence A kiwi creates. And my Etsy shop A kiwi creates was born. 

My shop is run only by me (and sometimes with help from my husband). So I do all the photography, text, website, social media and of course making the jewelry. It takes time for sure and when you have a job etc. next to it sometimes it gets a bit on a low burner. But I never stop creating. My passion for A kiwi creates will never die out.

If you would love to know more just check out my Socials.

Cheers Rachel

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