My name is Rachel, but you can also say that I’m the kiwi behind all of these creations and ideas! I grew up as free as a bird as my journey began in New Zealand and a bit later in life I flew over to The Netherlands. Even though kiwi’s can’t fly.. as a matter of speaking. If you can dream, then you can fly! Right?!

I am an early bird, whilst most of the time a kiwi’s nature is to roam at night. I like to get up early and catch every worm I can. They do say the early bird catches the worm! As I grasped all of those worms, Graphic Design, Art and Interior Styling. I keep on feeding on whatever I come across. I love to learn, explore and experience new things!

The kiwi in me has never left my soul. As I represent my birth country with pride throughout my creations, you can always see a bit of New Zealand’s magic shining through.